You are currently viewing 5 Unbelievable Home Theater Designs!

5 Unbelievable Home Theater Designs!

You Won't Believe These Setups!

Building a home theater system is an exciting but daunting task. Not only do you have to find the right equipment for your space, but you also need to add some artistic design to really spruce up the atmosphere! We’ve seen & helped set up plenty of home theaters throughout our years with our audio equipment, but few come close the the magnitude and perfection of these X setups!

In This Pirate's Theater The Rum is Never Gone.

This home theater design is an incredible feat to accomplish. Modeled after Pirates of the Caribbean, this home theater setup includes an elaborate entrance, lobby, tavern, and 12-seat theater!

Can you imagine watching the action of a great pirate movie from the belly of an old ship?

This design is definitely one of our favorites, but it is not the only one to catch our eye!

This design was made by Elite HTS and definitely shows the amazing work they can do!

The Titanic Home Theater

Living a life of luxury is a 24/7 job! Amazingly, this 20-by-14-foot room was modeled after the ship from the movie “Titanic.” Complete with decorations, lighting, and even furniture of the time to really bring the feeling together!

This family in Tennessee who purchased this home theater “It’s still new to us. We like to entertain, so it’s great to have the theater, and there’s a pub room next door. I can see us using it a lot,” says the lady of the house. “It’s great to watch a movie or a ball game and feel like you’re at the stadium or at the movies. It totally removes you from everything else.”

This design was made by Casa Cinema for the most authentic experience.

Visit another world with this Stargate Atlantis-Themed Home Theater

Believe it or not, the Stargate below is not a gateway to another world, but instead an incredible home theater originally shown in ElectronicHouse

While the original Stargate Cinema was incredible enough, the company has made another home theater that definitely gets the Rodney McKay Seal of Approval!

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The Force Is With This Star Wars Home Theater

This incredible home theater system is built by Modern Home Systems and is nothing short of amazing!

The entire project took only a few weeks and includes custom lighting, paneling, sound system, and even a life-sized R2D2. It’s definitely the realization of any Star Wars fan’s dreams! Check out more pictures of the build here.

Want More Star Wars? Check Out This Death Star Control Deck

The last crazy home theater design we have for you is also from a galaxy far far away. 

This Death Star themed setup puts your movie experience right in the control deck of the powerful planet destroyer.

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