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Hearing into the Future: What New Technology Means for High-Quality Audio

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It’s almost 2018, and we were promised flying cars, tours to another planet and well developed artificial intelligence, to suit the needs of our everyday lives. Well, it seems that we are still some time from any of these innovations, however, what doesn’t fail to impress us is the new audio technology constantly flowing into the market.

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The new sound technology is quite impressive – from the floating speaker to the planar magnetic transducer electrostatic, which could produce the full audio spectrum creating a far more natural sound, than anyone has ever heard before, from a speaker, of course.

The Levitating Speaker

This fascinating creation is a good representation of how far audio technology has come. The floating feature isn’t even its best property, even though it is quite unique and eye catching. It’s also water resistant, but more importantly, the wind does not affect its sound qualities, making it perfect to utilize in outside venues such as pool parties or picnics. Another cool feature is the ability to connect two different Bluetooth devices simultaneously, meaning you won’t ever have to deal with annoying cables.

Apple and Audio Quality

Before we get back to the actual physical technology, it’s important to notice the efforts of Apple. The corporate giant is looking to create a new type of a digital format, with higher audio quality, which would be suitable for their devices. Obviously, the AAC hasn’t been a great success even throughout Apple products users as it makes the files compatible and smaller in size; however, the quality of the file is destroyed in the process. We would have to wait and see where this takes them though.

How Will the New Audio Technology Change The Game?

Think about the progress in other industries and how the world was completely changed. There were literally no viable smartphones just ten years ago, as Apple is coming out with their anniversary edition of the iPhone this year. The same is happening to the audio technology industry.

There’s a new soundless driver, which does exactly what its name says – has no surround at the cone. There’s the new German technology which sends the wave from the sides of the cone, rather than using the traditional approach by radiating it from the front.  Through the utilization of the form, magnetic force and sound forces physicists are creating new interesting, innovative audio technology.

Soon enough, concert and parties won’t require tons of different types of equipment to be set up. The audio speakers progressively become smaller, yet produce stronger, purer sounds. There are also these new sunglasses, which are also headphones. They translate the sound directly into the brain, through vibrations in the bones around the ears, a truly fascinating product.

It would only take a few more years before the sound systems as we know them are gone and replaced by something new and better.

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